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Welcome to the 100 group

Simon Dingemans

The 100 Group is a collective voice for UK-based business, promoting competitiveness within the UK, a strong economy and long term growth. Our membership represents the views of the Finance Directors of FTSE 100 and several other large UK private companies

We aim to be a strong and respected voice in the discussion around what’s best for the UK economy and our priorities are to:

Improve UK
  Enhance the contribution
of big business
  Be connected
We want the UK to be seen as an easy and attractive place to be based and do business, supported by efficient capital markets and long term equity ownership in large UK-based corporates. We will look to influence legislation and regulation to make this happen.   We want to increase and improve the profile of big business as a ‘force for good’, in particular highlighting the positive contribution made to the UK economy and challenging misinformed views when they occur.   We want to be part of the discussion and engage in the debate. This involves understanding the agenda of our stakeholders, who include government, regulators and investor groups, and then presenting a consistent and considered point of view.

As Chairman, I firmly believe the 100 Group can continue to play an important role in shaping the Business landscape in Britain for the better. We are in a unique position and well placed to give informed recommendations and insightful points of view – the companies from which our members are drawn account for almost 90% of the market capitalisation of the FTSE 100, collectively employing 7% of the UK workforce.

Only by contributing actively to the discussion around the UK economy can we hope to continue to make Britain an economically attractive place for people to invest and do business. I’m committed to making sure the 100 Group helps to do just that.

Simon Dingemans
Chairman, the 100 Group

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