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Simon Dingemans

The 100 Group is a collective voice for UK-based business, promoting competitiveness within the UK, a strong economy and long term growth. Our membership represents the views of the Finance Directors of FTSE 100 and several other large UK private companies

We aim to be a strong and respected voice in the discussion around what’s best for the UK economy.

During my tenure as Chairman we are likely to see an unprecedented amount of change in the UK business environment following the Brexit vote and the increased debate around Corporate Governance. As Chairman, I firmly believe the 100 Group can use the collective voice during this period of change as an opportunity to shape a business environment that continues to encourage investment in the UK. We can achieve this by enhancing the profile of big business through better communicating our wider contribution to society – the companies from which our members are drawn account for almost 90% of the market capitalisation of the FTSE 100, collectively employing 7% of the UK workforce - and delivering a collective and consistent voice on the key decisions that affect us most. We should also use this opportunity to highlight unnecessary bureaucracy and regulation which hinders an efficient operation.

Only by contributing actively to the discussion around the UK economy can we hope to continue to make the UK and economically attractive place for people to invest and do business. We, as the 100 group, remain committed to do just that.

Andrew Bonfield
Chairman, the 100 Group

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