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Welcome to the 100 group

The 100 Group represents the views of the Finance Directors of FTSE 100 and several large UK private companies.

In January 2013, I was delighted to be elected Chair of this Group.  I aim to continue the strong leadership and focus that has been afforded under past Chairs.  Our priorities for the next two years are:

  • On Regulation: To improve the competitiveness of the UK as a great place to be based and to do business, by pushing back on proposed regulation (no matter where it comes from), unless it has a clearly explained, justified and costed rationale.
  • On Ownership: To promote both efficient capital markets and long term equity ownership in large UK-based corporates, stressing not only the financial returns available to shareholders, but the sustainable ethos of the Companies in which they’re investing.
  • On Sentiment: To improve the profile of big business as a force for good, by accentuating the positive financial impacts and challenging the negative, using the media where appropriate and effective to do so, to voice the Hundred Group view on relevant topics.
  • On Involvement: To continue to nurture engagement with our CFO membership, increase participation, promote the Hundred Group as a strong communication mechanism for their views and an excellent networking opportunity.

I believe that The 100 Group has a key role to play in shaping the business landscape in Britain to be one that encourages investment in people, capital assets and research and development to stimulate growth in the UK economy. Companies which base themselves in the UK contribute to employment here and contribute more widely to sustaining London as the World’s leading financial centre.  As Finance Directors we are portrayed as the sensible and conservative leaders of our companies and therefore have an important voice when it comes to discussing what can be done to help the UK economy emerge from recession.

There are challenges for us – The Group’s priorities above are purposefully aspirational and will not be easy to achieve, but we must be clear and forthright in our views and opinions (without becoming a ‘rent-a-quote’ organisation), as there are few organisations willing and able to support the pro-big business agenda as we do.

Robin Freestone


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